HB1509 Vaccine Mandate Ban to be heard Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

All religious freedom advocates need to show up and send the message that MS is paying attention and is STANDING for Religious Liberty!

Wed 3/9 10am
4th Floor Senate Balcony
Mississippi State Capitol
400 High Street
Jackson MS

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HB1509, The Vaccine Mandate Ban is MPVR’s victory whether it is further amended or not, HOWEVER, Mississippi deserves to have our religious liberties protected! We need Sen Chris McDaniel’s Amendment!

1. Bans mandates to the covid shot for many Mississippians
2. Codifies a religious exemption to the covid shot for all employees, public and private
3. Senate rules committee amended the original bill to cover daycare and school children, protecting them from Covid-19 vaccine mandates
That was part 2 of Sen McDaniel’s Amendment and it is now already done and out of the way!


SO, TOMORROW we have the opportunity to add stronger broader language expanding the religious exemption in the bill through an amendment. This will force a vote on religious freedom, and all will see where each lawmaker stands.

That is huge. Let’s see who stands where!

My guess (our hope) is that few will have the audacity to stand against religious freedom in today’s climate. It will be an interesting day to be sure! Could be historic!


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