Mississippi Rally for Medical Freedom
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As our freedoms are eroded, the most serious is our freedom to determine what happens, medically, to our and our children’s bodies. No politician, bureaucrat, doctor, employer, nor any other entity, should have the power to coerce an American to submit to a medical procedure they are fundamentally opposed to. Reducing Mississippians to second class citizens for “non-compliance” to top-down government demands is immoral, abusive, and un-American.

If not for the pursuit of religious liberty, the United states would not exist. Praying Mississippians are owed a life free to follow their convictions. Those who violate the religious liberties of Christians will be accountable to God.


Rally for Medical Freedom is a collaborative effort of Mississippi Patriots for Vaccine Rights & Medical Freedom PAC (MPVR PAC), and the non-profit Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights (MPVR).

We began organizing over a decade ago and have grown to represent approximately 7,000 Mississippi families and professionals.

Our missions are aligned in that we advocate for informed voluntary consent in medical decisions for ourselves and our families. MPVR PAC has plans to effect elections, while MPVR provides educational material and raises awareness of the issue.

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