Rally Signage

Rally Signage

*All MPVR branded signage graphics are the sole property of MPVR with permission granted to the public for printing and use AS IS but may not be altered, edited, or cropped in any way.

When you arrive at Rally for Medical Freedom, if you would like to participate in sign holding, we invite you to visit our sign table. A limited number of premade signs will be available for people to borrow and return. However, we also love and encourage handmade signage!

The message of a rally or protest is embodied in the signage. MPVR has a sign coordinator at our events to ensure the message is clear, evident, and unified, as well as appropriate.

We ask that all refrain from vulgar or foul language, as our events are family-friendly and many children are always present!

Making a sign that reflects a message that resonates with you can be both powerful and empowering!

To print your own, our files are available for printing at your local Office Depot. To print correctly they should be printed on 18×24 inch corrugated plastic.

Most Office Depot locations have 18×24 corrugated plastic in stock and can print same-day, while other locations may take a couple of days. We suggest that you call ahead and not wait until the last minute to avoid issues.

We encourage you to download and use our high resolution files to send to your local Office Depot for print. You may also use some of the hand made sign suggestions or use them to be inspired to come up with your own message.

MPVR signs at our rally during 2020 legislative session at the Mississippi State Capitol.